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Activities on Catalina Island


There are lots of activities you can get up to when you are at Catalina for the holidays. Some of those mentioned here you would need a ticket for. The booth at Crescent and Catalina Streets is where you can reserve everything at once.

Waterfront Walk

The walk from Casino Point to Lover’s Point is one of the most popular activities in this region. Most Catalina Island hotels recommend this as part of your itinerary. This route lets you spot orange garibaldi fish among the kelps beds, and boats in the harbor. You eventually hit the less crowded beaches such as Pebbly Beach, where there is always a good view to be enjoyed.

Golf Cart Ride

Tourists can drive around the island in golf carts, this being one of the fun ways to get around. Rentals are along the waterfront, unless you have an inclusive package like the one offered by Hotel Metropole, one of the most reputed Catalina Island hotels. After you manage to get a cart, refer to your map and head out towards Mount Ada. The scenery is what the place is known for. You can enjoy others views as well, like the Botanical Gardens.

An Inland Tour

If you have special driving permit, then it is possible to go inland. Otherwise, a tour is the only way to experience the interiors. Packages at Catalina Island hotels don’t usually include a tour in, but you can ask for the same at the Hotel Metropole reservation desk. With a well-versed guide along for the ride or hike, you can have your fill of admiring Catalina’s flora and fauna up close.

Botanical Garden

This is at the end of the Avalon Canyon Road, where the small garden has some of the best varieties of cactus for the plant lover to check out. You have the Wrigley Memorial looming over the garden, which if you are up to it, is a solid hike all the way to the ridge.