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Catalina Express Lowers Fares, Hotel Metropole Offers Luxurious Stay

Catalina Express is one of the best modes to get to the island of Catalina, second to a helicopter ride, of course. The hugely popular ferry service already gives free rides to people who have their birthday on the day of arrival, and now they have gone a step further and cut down fares from March 11. President and Co-Founder of Catalina Express, Greg Bombard says they have had savings in the price of fuel, even though the costs are going up.

They are passing along savings to passengers, with a more recent schedule that allows “vessels to run more efficiently, giving our passengers more convenient departure times and to allow on-time departures and arrivals with crossing times remaining at just over an hour each way.”

Getting to Catalina is a lot more affordable now, and for luxury stay, you have premium establishments like Hotel Metropole. One of the finest hotels in Catalina Island, Hotel Metropole has the perfect vacation experience waiting for you. Set to complement the adventure and activities offered by the Island, Hotel Metropole is a haven for guests seeking a getaway as a couple, family, or singles.

This Catalina hotel lets you enjoy the sort of the comfort and charm you will remember even after you have left the island. Whether it is stunning VIP suites you are interested in, or special packages offered year-round with various bundled activities like kayaking, hiking, golfing, and go pro adventures, Hotel Metropole is the ultimate destination.

The island itself is ripe with a plethora of possibilities thanks to the Mediterranean climate and ambiance, and the fact that it is crammed with places to eat, drink, and shop. Avalon is definitely one of the towns to hit when you have the time, especially if you really need the escape from city bustle in LA, or any other busy city. Sample the beauty of the local flora and fauna with adventure rides including eco-friendly hummer tours, or boost your adrenaline levels with a zipline ride, rock climbing, or undersea adventures.


When you get back, you will have superb amenities awaiting you at your Hotel Metropole suite, with treatments at A Touch of Heaven Day Spa, and even more activity packages including the Paradise Boat Package, Helicopter Package, Kayaking Package, etc. If you are headed here for stay as a group, for a business meeting or special event, Hotel Metropole has a variety of meeting places for up to 150 people.