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Catalina Island Company Provides Non-Potable Irrigation Water to Locals

The recent announcement from the Santa Catalina Island Company revealed that they have entered into an agreement with the Southern California Edison Company. The deal between these two companies will make sure that the non-potable irrigation water from the Golf Course of the Company will be available to the local residents of the island for free.

Santa Catalina Island Company hopes that this deal will considerably reduce the burden of water rationing, which has been a serious issue in the island for quite some time now. In addition to that, they have also agreed to pay a fee to the Southern California Edison Company in order to pump the water for the residents. Locals can use this water for watering plants and for other routine chores, which were neglected due to the severe drought conditions.

“We hope that residents will be able to save even more valuable drinking water by using this free non-potable water to make Avalon a little greener and their patios and golf carts a little cleaner,” said Randy Herrel, CEO of Catalina Island Company. In addition to that, he also said that the Avalon City Planning Commission has already approved the request for a water transfer station.

Reports say that the Catalina Island Company will build the transfer station at their own expenses. The residents of the Catalina Island will be able to pick up water from this week at the Pebbly Beach Building Supply. However, users who collect more than 1,600 gallons of water will have to pay a certain fee for the non-potable water.

Officials have also noted that each individual will be responsible for the transport of water. In addition to that, they have advised the residents to not to use this water for bathing, cooking, drinking, or any other activity, which might result in the ingestion of this water. However, the water is safe to use for cleaning purposes and for watering plants. Tests on this water have confirmed it safe for large animals, but officials say not to give it to your pets.


Individuals, who are planning to take advantage of this Free Water Program, will have to fill a waiver releasing the Catalina Island Company and the Southern California Edison from all liabilities. Santa Catalina Island Company is also planning to utilize this water to help the Catalina Island Conservancy for better development of the island.