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Catalina Island Museum is All Set to Host the Chihuly Exhibit

In a recent announcement, the officials from Catalina Island Museum confirmed that they are planning to arrange an exhibition of Dale Chihuly’s works. Chihuly is an internationally renowned artist and his work will certainly entertain the tourists visiting Catalina Island. Reports indicate that the exhibition will be held at the Catalina Island Museum from March 26 onward, and it will be open to both tourists and residents of the island.

Chihuly is actually an American sculptor, who has mastered the transparent and translucent qualities of neon, glass, water, and ice to create incredible artworks. He is famous for his site-specific architectural installations in a number of public places and for his exhibitions in gardens and museums all over the world.

The Dale Chihuly exhibit is certainly a major milestone for the Catalina Island Museum, as they join an impressive list of precedent exhibitors such as the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, and de Young Museum in San Francisco through this exhibition. It is to be noted that all of these previous exhibitions marked record-breaking crowds.

Reports also indicate that this exhibition will be held on the renovated museum. The new museum building contains landscaped gardens, an outdoor atrium, and an elegant view of Catalina’s canyons. These attributes of the Catalina Island Museum make it an ideal setting for Chihuly’s sculptures.

The Catalina Island Museum has introduced tourists from all over the world to the incredible history of Catalina Island since the year 1953. The authorities designed a new museum building in 2013 in order to facilitate the expanded mission of the Catalina Museum to exhibit enhanced programming and high quality art exhibitions in the areas of film, music, and dance.

The Executive Director of the Catalina Island Museum, Julie Perlin Lee said, “Our new building is really a jewel in Avalon. So much attention has gone into creating an awe-inspiring environment for our visitors. We wanted our first major exhibition to compliment that vision. Without a doubt, the work of Dale Chihuly will inspire the wow-factor we want our visitors to experience at the museum and take with them when they leave.”


Chihuly once talked about his work and said, “I want people to be overwhelmed by light and color in a way they have never experienced.” It is for sure that the exhibit would draw numerous visitors to the island. So make sure to book your accommodation in advance, and avoid last minute rush.