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Catalina Island – Things To Do And Places To Visit

There are many things that make Catalina Island one of the most visited tourist destinations in America. Of course, Hotel Metropole, one of the most famous hotels in Catalina, is one of those places that attract tourists to the island. But let’s discuss some of the other things that can make your trip to Catalina Island memorable.

Catalina Island offers many options to pass time. If you love playing in the water, you can have many water-based activities such as scuba diving, snorkeling, glass bottom boat tours, submarine tours, kayaking, etc. In fact, the most remarkable attraction in Catalina Island is its perfect diving locations. These locations are perfect for both snorkelers and divers. Even if you don’t like doing either of these activities, you can go for a glass bottom boat tour which is quite popular on the island. The submarine tours allow you to get to the bottom of water without getting wet.

Jet ski rentals, sport fishing charters, charter yachts, ocean rafting, sea-trekking, parasailing, kayaking, etc., are part of the many activities you can do while here.

Events in Catalina Island

In addition to these activities, there are several vibrant events being held on weekends in Catalina Island. Some of these events are conducted by Hotel Metropole and other hotels Catalina. Perhaps, attending these events might be another interesting thing for you. Remember that some of the events are conducted only during certain months. So clarify what event you can attend during your trip with your tour operator.

To name a few, the Avalon Benefit 50 mile run is held in January every year, whereas the Annual Avalon Harbor Underwater Cleanup is conducted in the month of February, and the Catalina Island Conservancy Marathon in March.

If you check with the reservation desk of Hotel Metropole, you would learn more about the upcoming events, and you can then plan your stay there accordingly. This is why Hotel Metropole is one of the most preferred hotels Catalina.

A visit to Catalina Island is quite fulfilling and entertaining. Make sure to book your stay in advance with Hotel Metropole.