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Catalina Island Welcomes Catalina Aerial Adventure

The latest woodland course in Catalina Island, the Catalina Aerial Adventure, is a trail woven through a wooded natural terrain, joining the famous Catalina Climbing Wall and Zip Line Eco Tour to entertain tourists and visitors. The authorities are hopeful that the new addition will draw in more tourists and adventure enthusiasts to the island.

The addition of the Catalina Aerial Adventure will help Catalina Island to emphasize their reputation as the “Island of Adventure”. This adventurous tree-based aerial activity will be featuring five exciting challenging courses in the Descanso Canyon of the island.

Reports indicate that the Catalina Aerial Adventure will provide an adventurous walk on the wild side with five self-guided aerial trails located above a scenic canyon, which is filled with wildlife and native plants. Each of the aerial trials contains a unique series of ladders, balance beams, zip lines, suspended bridges, and several other exciting obstacles.

The use of the state-of-the-art “smart belay” system will allow the officials to allow kids on and above the age of seven to enjoy this exciting activity. Kids can climb, swing from one tree to another, and challenge all the elements of this woodland course at Catalina Island.

The President and CEO of the Catalina Island Company, Randall Herrel said, “We brought together some of the best designs of outdoor experiences to enhance Descanso Canyon. The Catalina Aerial Adventure will appeal to the seasoned Catalina visitor by providing a fresh perspective of the island, as well as to a new segment of guests eager for quality outdoor experiences.”

The newly launched Catalina Aerial Adventure is actually a part of the ongoing mission of the Catalina Island Company to position the island as California’s Island Escape™ project. The officials at the Catalina Island Company are planning to accomplish this by offering enticing and authentic experiences to visitors, which will allow visitors to enjoy the beauty and elegance of Catalina Island.

The introduction of the new Catalina Aerial Adventure will let visitors spend a whole day at the Descanso by engaging themselves in thrilling activities such as paddleboarding, kayaking, and more.


“Catalina Aerial Adventure will provide the authentic, outdoor excitement that our guests have been looking for as part of their overall Catalina Island visit,” said Collier Cook, the vice president of activities for the Catalina Island Company. “Descanso has become a destination not only for individuals, but also for weddings, reunions, corporate meetings, and retreats.”