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Catalina Tours Offering More Transport Options to the Island

Traveling to Catalina Island has got much easier and simplified now. The recent expansion of services by Catalina Tours, which is one of the leading transportation services on the island, has resulted in a new booking feature for additional transportation options to the island. The company’s partnership with Catalina Passenger Service and Island Express Helicopter Services has been highly beneficial. It now allows the company to operate both flights and an additional ferry transportation option to the island.

“We’re excited to be able to offer these additional services for visitors to the island,” Catalina Tours owner, Erin Eubank said in a recent interview. “Our clients can already book day packages that include Catalina Express transportation. Now that we are partnering with these two additional services, we will be able to serve more guests, whether they are booking a custom Catalina package or just looking for a ride to the island.”

The two companies in collaboration with Catalina Tours, Catalina Passenger and Island Express, are already offering daily transportation services to the island. Catalina Passenger Services is operating a ferry trip from Newport Beach to Catalina daily in the Catalina Flyer, the company’s high-speed catamaran. Island Express Helicopter Services is also operating a scheduled and chartered helicopter service to the island from four locations in Southern California.

Catalina Tours is one of the leading reservation services on the island for over 15 years. They also offer many other services besides transportation booking and activities such as group services, accommodation, organizing team-building exercises, and conference space. Catalina Tours is also offering many other exciting and engaging activities for the visitors coming to the island.

Describing the range of services offered by the company, Eubank said, “Visitors can see the wide range of Catalina activities on our website – we offer everything from scuba diving to zip-lining and from parasailing to couples’ massages. Once you figure out what you’d like to do, you can book directly on the site – making it easy to make sure you don’t miss out on anything.”


The company has recently redesigned their website and has come with a widespread social media campaign and email marketing program. “Getting to Catalina is about more than just travel,” Eubank further states. “It’s part of the fun that kicks off an island getaway. By using our guests get the expertise of a local and the ease of a modern booking site. Island time is just a few clicks away.”