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Facial Services Offered At Hotel Metropole

People who go to Catalina Island on vacation make sure that they utilize their time there in the most effective way. They not only look forward to sightseeing, but for more value oriented things like spa treatment, facial services, body massages, etc. If you are in for some facial treatment during your holiday, here is what you can expect from Hotel Metropole.

Facial Services At Hotel Metropole

Catalina Island’s Hotel Metropole is known for the quality of services it offers. It not only offers good suites with the best facilities and amenities you can get, but also has numerous spa and facial packages to refresh your body and mind. The facial services here are performed by trained and experienced professionals.

Therapeutic Acne Facial

Therapeutic Acne facial is meant for those who suffer from acne scarring, blemishes, and blackheads. It is a great treatment for acne breakouts as well. The treatment lasts for about 60 min. After the treatment, the unbalanced skin complexions are refined and the blood circulation is improved. This will gradually improve skin health. Consequently, you will get smoother and clearer skin.

Grape Seed Facial

Grape seeds have got rich therapeutic properties, and this package offered by Hotel Metropole is meant to take advantage of all of them. Ground grape seeds are used for this treatment. This facial helps to exfoliate dead skins and thereby trigger the growth of a healthy skin. Your skin also gets powerful antioxidants with grape seeds facial treatment, and gives you a natural healthy glow.

Vitamin C Peel

The health and beauty of your skin is determined by the formation of hormones like elastin and collagen. During the formation of these hormones, lots of lifeless skin cells are left out under the skin. These cells need to be removed in order to ensure the growth and health of the skin. The Vitamin C Peel treatment offered by Hotel Metropole is meant for eliminating the lifeless cells from the skin. This treatment helps transform the skin and improve its texture and elasticity.

Glycolic Facial Exploitation


This is a skin peel treatment aimed at improving the health and texture of the skin. It helps stimulate the formation of skin hormones and lighten skin pigmentation, besides treating grade 1 and grade 2 acne and removes superficial keratosis. The cost of the treatment is $125 for 60 min session.