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Four Must-Do’s When in Catalina Island

The working class American who usually gets stuck in the LA traffic gridlock may know about the Catalina Island just 22 miles off the coast. Board the Catalina Express vessel to get to the quaint island from Long beach; it would take just an hour’s time. Once you reach the island, you could choose from many places to visit with some fun adventure.

Enjoying the Pacific Ocean

The manor in the shores of Avalon was once the leisurely private home of William Wrigley Jr., the chewing mogul who built most of the city. Now, the palatial home is known simply as the Mount Ada Inn. Being a fleeting visitor, you could visit the Inn for an overnight stay, and watch the oceanic tidal waves of the Pacific Ocean ebb its way out of the shores.

Hosting the Catalina Casino

Marilyn Monroe lived in the Avalon Theater, one of the four entertainment houses alongside Catalina Island Museum, Art Gallery, and Casino Ballroom. What do they say? What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Nope! The gambling word is not really fancied by the islanders in Catalina; they prefer the phrase “House of Entertainment” instead. If you partake in the classic behind-the-scenes ballroom tour, you could learn more history about the island here.

Zip Line Adventure of Catalina

Think of counting the same Pacific Ocean ebb its way out from 500 feet above the sea level. The zip line ride initiative got underway in 2010 and tourists as well as residents of Catalina Island have been enjoying the ride for seven years now. Not just the vast ocean, in fact, you could cover three-quarters of a mile at 45 mph as the valley below fly past you.

Luxurious Stay at the Hotel Metropole

Of all the glitterati the Catalina Island package deals offer, the Hotel Metropole is one of the best picks. You can avail yourselves a Paradise Boat Package Deal in the hotel, which seesaws a luxurious single night stay, a two-way boat trip to the Pacific, and continental breakfast for two. The booking availability during peak season, holidays, special events, and weekends may throw up challenges, as the island is filled with tourists at that time.

To come to the quintessential Catalina Hotel Metropole with loved ones is to get skin deep into the psyche of both islanders and visitors. Get in touch with the reservation desk to find the best Catalina Island package deals!