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Great Ideas For Shopping In Catalina

Catalina Island is one of the perfect places for touring, and everyone knows it. The island is full of excitements. There are breathtaking scenic views of the sea, mountains kissing the sky, internationally reputed Catalina hotels, etc. Because of all these, and more, this island is the most ideal place for you to spend a relaxing vacation.

People come to Catalina Island to celebrate and enjoy their vacation in a peaceful and serene, yet modern setting. Of late, an increasing number of people have started to come to Catalina for their honeymoons. Obviously, they know that the days spent in the island will be engraved in their memory lanes for the rest of their lives.

People coming to Catalina make sure to buy souvenirs before leaving the island. In addition to the souvenirs, Catalina markets are filled with various handicrafts and decorative items from across the world. However, you need to be cautious and well-informed when shopping in Catalina Island.

First, make sure that you are shopping from an authorized place. Secondly, shop only genuine items. Remember that a lot of fake products are sold in popular tourist locations. Unless you take some precautions, you can be deceived.

If you have any doubts on where to shop in Catalina, ask the hotel reservation desk you are staying at, and they will guide you to the right place. You can also check out the local Chamber of Commerce to find places that sell souvenirs and antiques.

Metropole Market Place

Taking a stroll to the Metropole Market Place is apparently worth your time and effort. Enjoy a lively French Quarter atmosphere of cobblestone walkways and cooling fountains. When it comes to items put for sale here, you will find all sorts of items such as fine art, unique gifts, children’s wear, classic arcade, sportswear, espresso bar, fresh baked foods, etc. When you are done with the shopping, enjoy local and international delicacies at the eateries at the Metropole Market Place.

All the shopping and exploration for your favorite goodies can make you exhausted, but not so if you were staying at Hotel Metropole. You just need to head back to the hotel, and unwind in the most relaxing way with our special spa and facial massage packages. Call Hotel Metropole reservation desk for attractive offers lined up for you this summer!