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Have a Great Winter on Catalina Island

It is not easy for all us to own a private island, but between December and April, you can walk the streets of Avalon in Catalina Island and feel that you have the complete place to yourself. Hotel occupancy in the island range between 29 and 45 percent in the month of February, but in the months of July and August, occupancy figures surpass 80 percent.

Visitors to Catalina Island are few in winter and early spring, mostly due to fears of cold, but people who avoid going to Catalina Island at this time of the year should reconsider their decision, as a sweater is mostly enough to stay warm through the cold in the island.

Donna Harris, who is the marketing director and film liaison for Catalina Island Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Bureau, says that winter “is one of the best times to come. You can really call the island your own and … hotel prices are less expensive.” In addition, hotels and restaurants are not likely to need any reservations and activities like four-wheel drive and inland bus tours that are operated by the Santa Catalina Company will be available throughout the season.

You can get Tee times at Catalina Island Golf Course easily and the cost drops much in the winter. There are also activities for the water sports enthusiasts. Activities like snorkeling, kayaking, and scuba rentals are available throughout the year and the campgrounds stay open for tourists in winter too.

The Catalina Island Chamber of Commerce has been working hard to position Catalina Island as an all-year vacation spot. In view of that, this year’s attractions include the Oscar night party at the much famous Casino Ballroom, a St. Patrick’s Day dinner and party, a marathon in the island, and an art fair. All of these events are scheduled to take place within the next couple of months.

The Chamber is also joining with many hotels, restaurants, helicopter and boat operators, as well as many other businesses for the “Island of Romance” promotion throughout the month of February. Get in touch with the Hotel Metropole reservation desk to know more about the events and activities to enjoy in the winter. Happy holidays!