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Have a Splendid Stay in Catalina Island

Catalina Island does not require any special introduction; it is certainly one of the most visited tourist destinations in California, USA. It is a rocky island with many attractions, luxurious hotels, spas, clubs, museums, and many more. About 50% of the people traveling to Catalina Island plan to stay there overnight. To add to the experience, some of the hotels Catalina Island even provide their customers with tent-site camping facilities. You can get to Catalina Island either by ferry or by helicopter from Dana Point, Newport Beach, San Pedro, or Long Beach.

Your stay at Hotel Metropole

If you are looking for a beautiful and pleasant stay in Catalina Island, other than just sightseeing, you must ensure your stay in the best of all hotels in Catalina Island. There are plenty of hotels in Catalina Island, but Hotel Metropole has set itself apart when it comes to class, comfort, and affordability. Although rated as one of the most luxurious hotels Catalina Island, we offer amazingly flexible packages and discounts to our guests, so that you can have a splendid stay at Hotel Metropole.

Kayaking in Catalina Island

If you want to make your holiday more adventurous, try out some kayaking in Avalon Bay, Catalina Island. You can either go kayaking on your own, if you have some prior experience in that, or get the help of an expert to steer you around. If you want to head alone on the trip, check with the front desk staff at Hotel Metropole to get all the necessary gears and equipments for kayaking at rental. You can also book a guided rafting tour and sit back relaxed while exploring the marvellous ocean.