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Have the Greatest Catalina Island Experience This Summer

We all want to spend our summer vacation in the best way possible, having a good time with our friends and family. So if you were looking for a spot to head to this year, why not visit Catalina Island. Here is how the quaint Mediterranean-looking Island will cater you an amazing stay.

The Marine Life Experience

Catalina houses a wide variety of marine species, so make sure you get to explore the blue waters of the island. You can have a flying fish tour arranged, where you climb aboard a 1924 vintage wood boat, and watch fishes flying by. You can also take a submarine ride or go scuba diving to have a mesmerizing time with spotted calico bass, garibaldi, rockfish, urchins, and bat rays underwater. Catalina Island hotels can also help you with boating and kayaking, if you wanted to travel around the deep blue waters on your own.

The Wildlife Experience

Catalina Island is blessed with a superb wildlife, and is a home to the island fox, the island harvest mouse, the island deer mouse, the ornate shrew, and a sub-species of ground squirrel. Besides that, the magnificent Bison has also been the center of attraction in the island wildlife for centuries. After having a lot of fun in the water, gear up for an exquisite terrain tour by riding a horse or by rent a golf cart to tour around the island. Experts say that there are at least 50 endemic plant species that naturally occur here, but nowhere else in the world.

The Cultural Experience

Catalina Island Museum recently hit the news for being shifted to the Avalon’s Catalina Casino building. No one would want to miss out on a trip to the museum, which has a great collection of antiques and artifacts that date back to the early Red-Indian civilization. Besides having more than 7,000 years of history in visually alluring exhibits, the Catalina Museum also houses the works of fashion photographer Bunny Yeager, featuring 1960’s top model Bettie Page in all her glory.


Besides the above-mentioned ‘experiences’, you are sure to have a luxurious and comfy stay at the serene settings of the island. Get in touch with our reservation desk today to book you stay at Hotel Metropole, and have the best Catalina Island hotel experience.