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Honeymoon Trip to Catalina Island

If you were exploring a Catalina Island honeymoon, Hotel Metropole would be the best you can find. Here, we will see how this amazing island can be the perfect destination for your honeymoon trip.

Why Go To Catalina Island

There are many reasons why Catalina Island is regarded as a favorable honeymoon destination. This includes the availability of many luxurious Catalina Island hotels, attractive tourist destinations, shopping plazas, etc. Catalina Island offers whatever that a newly wedded couple looks for.

Normally, people choose far off and serene places for honeymoon. Catalina Island not only fulfills that wish but also provides amazing options to enjoy the blue waters and marine life with your partner.  Hotel Metropole’s honeymoon package, which is one of the most popular Catalina Island hotel package, would make your stay even more memorable.

Catalina Honeymoon Package Offered By Hotel Metropole

Hotel Metropole not only offers a comfy stay and fine dining options to you but also makes every possible effort in making your honeymoon exciting. The honeymoon package offered by Hotel Metropole includes:

1. Round Trip Boat Transportation – This boating trip takes you across the best places in Catalina Island, such as the cities of Avalon, Long Beach, San Pedro Point, Dana Point, and the harbors.

2. Champagne Gift Basket – Have a special request elegant gift basket with many varieties of champagnes. Coupling this with a candle light dinner at the Hotel Metropole restaurant perfectly does the job to make the evening even more romantic.

3. Grant Dinner At Metropole Restaurant – Have a grant dinner at the Hotel Metropole restaurant with an exquisite menu. Normally, it is organized by the hotel on the last day of your stay, but you can change the day by contacting the Hotel Metropole reservation desk.

4. Body Massages – Two full body massages are offered during the honeymoon trip. Well-trained and licensed massage therapists supervise the sessions and emphasize on the clinical approach of massaging, giving you long-term relief to spinal aches, or whatever body aches you have.

5. Two Hours Golf Cart Rental – You will get a golf cart for rental for two hours when at Catalina Island. If you are not much into golfing, you can opt to travel to the nearby places on this cart as well.

These are the most appreciated things included in your honeymoon package offered by Hotel Metropole. If you are interested in adventurous things, you can engage in a variety of activities such as hiking, sea diving, rafting, kayaking, etc., and Hotel Metropole will help you with all of these in the best way. Contact Hotel Metropole reservation desk for more details.