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Hotel Metropole Launches Exciting Helicopter Packages


Catalina Island is one of the best places to visit, no matter what time of year you plan your vacation. Nonetheless, the island is crowded during the winter season, especially towards the end of December for Christmas and New Year’s celebrations.

Popular Catalina Island hotels attract customers with various offers like banquet packages, spa packages, boat riding packages, adventure trip packages, etc. However, Hotel Metropole is a step ahead of all Catalina Island hotels in terms of the number of services offered. It has launched a variety of services like kayaking package, boat package, helicopter package, and the list goes on.

Helicopter Trip To Catalina

Hotel Metropole has launched special Helicopter packages for its customers. It is a wonderful opportunity to get an aerial view of the entire island. When you look at the island from above, it is quite a wonderful treat to the eyes. The island would look like a mystery for you. There is no better way to experience Catalina than watching it from the sky. Tourists say that the island appears in different shapes when viewed from above – a wrinkled playground of ridgelines or an isolated outpost of mystery.

The helicopter trips give you enough time to understand this mysterious and beautiful island – viewing the white sand beaches, the rows of motor yachts, the marketplace, etc., is breathtaking. You can even get views of grazing buffalos, the grasslands, forested peaks, and hiking trails in the island.

Hotel Metropole Helicopter Package

Hotel Metropole offers helicopter package for two, which consists:

·        One night stay in deluxe room

·        Continental breakfast

·        Round trip on Island Express Helicopter

During winter and summer, the helicopter departures from Long Beach. During summer, the departure is usually from San Pedro.


The price of Hotel Metropole helicopter package varies depending on the season. Between 1st of November and 30th of October, the price is $751.00 (excluding bed tax). It is slightly higher – $778.00 (excluding bed tax) – between 1st of May and October 30th. San Pedro departure trips charge $25.00 extra per head.

Obviously, Catalina Island is a good place to visit during this winter. Be sure to confirm the booking in advance to avoid last minute rush. Contact Hotel Metropole reservation desk for more details.