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How to Make your Trip to Catalina Island Easier on the Pocket

A visit to Catalina Island can be a bit heavy in your pockets sometimes. However, it would be wiser to visit this amazing island during the spring and winter seasons, not only because Catalina Island would be less crowded and more peaceful during this time of the year, but also because it will be less expensive in winter and spring. Of course, the calmness offered by this place will make your vacation an unforgettable one. So here are a few tips to help you make your trip to Catalina Island a lot more affordable.

Skip the Parking

Make sure to drop yourself off at the ferry. You could easily get a bus or borrow a ride from your hotel to the ferry. If you take your vehicle with you, then you will have to pay $14-$17 in order to park the vehicle, and the cost of parking will also depend entirely on the port.

The Ferry Discount

You will have to pay approximately an amount of $70 per head, if you wish to take a round trip on the ferry to Catalina Island on one of the two lines. The Catalina Express departs from San Pedro, Long Beach, and Dana Point plenty of times every day. Also, the chances of finding discounts, offers, or gift cards are higher at Costco.

Bring your Bike

If you are planning to bring your bike to the ferry, then you will have to pay an amount of $7. However, bringing your bike will make sure that you have an all-day transportation ready for you to explore around the island. Most of the parts in Avalon can be enjoyed by biking, and this will certainly help you to save a lot of money.

The Nature Center

The Nature Center is operated by the Catalina Island Conservancy. It has an excellent collection of short films, and it houses many exhibits on Catalina Island’s habitats. The Nature Center is just a 20-minute walk up the canyon from the town. Take a walk and enjoy the calmness offered by this exceptional place.

Go on Weekdays


The best way to save a lot of your money while going on a trip to Catalina is by visiting the island on weekdays. This is mainly because everything on the island is a lot more cheaper on weekdays when compared to weekends particularly during the off season. Moreover, you might be able to save around 30 percent of your total expenses in off-season and on weekdays.