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Information on Catalina Island

Catalina Island is an attractive tourist destination. The number of tourists visiting this place has experienced a significant rise over the last few years. A recent record indicates that about one million people travel to the island every year. There are many factors that make this place the number one choice of tourists. One of them is the natural beauty of the place. It is a rocky island, which stays off the cost of California, one of the U.S states.

Catalina Island, or otherwise known as Santa Catalina Island, sprawls across 22 miles. The width of the island is calculated to be about 8 miles. There are different routes to reach the island. One of the most taken ways is from Los Angles. The island is located almost 22 miles away from Los Angles. The island hosts several mountains, the tallest one being Mt. Orizaba. It is 2,097 feet tall. Geographically, Catalina Island is considered a part of the Channel Islands of California archipelago.

Major attractions in Catalina Island

Santa Catalina Island is a place of natural beauty. It offers you breathtaking views. The island has a great number of things to offer its visitors. Some of them include Descanso Beach, the Avalon Underwater Dive Park, harbors, and chain of luxurious Catalina Island hotels.

Stay at the best Catalina Island hotel

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Catalina Island Museums

Catalina Island Museum is known to be one of the most visited places in the island. It walks you through the historic and cultural heritage of the island. If you are visiting the island for the first time, it is a place worth visiting. The management of the Catalina Island museum claims that about 100,000 items are preserved in the museum, in which many of them are dating back to the Native American history over 7,000 years.

There are many places worth visiting across Catalina Island. Get in touch with your tour operator for more details. You can also contact our Reservation Desk and learn more about the sightseeing packages we offer.