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Make Your Wedding Special by Arranging it at Catalina Island

Marriage is a wonderful occasion in a person’s life, so it should be organized in a very special way. People go with different plans when it comes to organizing their weddings. Some do it in the traditional way, while others go for quite unconventional wedding ideas. In either case, Catalina is one of the best places on earth to have your wedding.

Who Can Help You?

Although there are many agencies that offer Catalina wedding services, Catalina Island hotels are the right people who can do it at the best for you. Catalina has some of the internationally reputed hotels like Hotel Metropole, who will help you with all your wedding planning. They would also suggest the best locations in the island to host the event; this would offer a unique experience for your most special day.

When it comes to wedding locations, Catalina Island has the best locations in Southern California. All these locations are rich with incredible settings and views for a memorable and romantic wedding.

Outdoor Weddings In Catalina Island

At Catalina Island, there are numerous locations for outdoor weddings. This includes grasslands, harbors, ridgeline vistas, scenic vistas of Avalon Bay, etc. However, it is very important to have your space booked in advance. You can do it with the help of any recognized Catalina Island hotels.

Some of the luxury hotels, such as Hotel Metropole, have their own spaces for outdoor weddings. You just need to get in touch with the events management department and organize your wedding party.

Availability Of Multiple Services

While you conduct outdoor weddings in some places, you will have to organize all the facilities by hiring different vendors. The hotel will just provide you with the space. On the other hand, Hotel Metropole offers all services ranging from stage decoration to dinner to photography. You just need to tell the hotel management about your requirements and they would arrange everything.

Some of the services being offered are:

·        Catering services

·        Musicians and DJ’s

·        Flowers

·        Wedding planners and officiates

·        Equipment rentals

·        Group events

·        Weddings and group meetings

In short, Catalina Island is the most suitable location for wedding – it would obviously be romantic and beautiful. Get in touch with the Hotel Metropole reservation desk now to plan yours.