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Off Road Adventures in Catalina Island

Catalina Island is a place that has great landscape for off road adventures. Cape Canyon Expedition and Avalon Canyon Trail Tour are two of the most exciting off road adventures you can explore when on the island.

Both the off road rides are organized in twelve passenger eco friendly Hummer H1 vehicles. These vehicles run on bio-fuel that is refined from recycled vegetable oil collected from the restaurants in Catalina Island. Below is a brief look on both the tours.

Avalon Canyon Trail Tour

This is a fifty minute narrated tour, which offers great views of the Avalon Canyon and Casino. The four ton, 4×4 wheel drive Hummer will take you up and around the island on private paths that offers awesome views of the Catalina Island Golf Course and the Country Club.

You will pass the old Bird Park that is one of the largest parks in the world and the Wrigley Memorial and Botanical Gardens, where the body of William Wrigley Jr. was interred after his death in 1932. You can also see the site of first Wrigley Field, where Mr. Wrigley’s Chicago Cubs held their spring training from 1921.

The price of this tour is forty-one dollars for adults and thirty-nine dollars for children between the age of five and eleven. Military personnel and senior citizens can also take part in the tour by paying thirty-nine dollars.

Catalina Island Cape Canyon Expedition

Cape Canyon Expedition is the only scheduled off-road tour that offers a view into the beautiful Cape Canyon and Sheep Chute, where the magnificent Catalina Island bison can be spotted frequently. This tour will take you through the sceneries of Middle Ranch Canyon and explores Cape Canyon. You can see the Middle Ranch habitat of American Bald Eagle and other exotic things in the tour.

The down trail on the rugged and rocky Sheep Chute offers spectacular views. In this tour, you will travel to the Airport-in-the-Sky, 1600 feet above sea level. You can buy lunch at the DC-3 Café of the airport, or you may explore the educational displays of Conservancy Nature Center.


Both the off-road adventures would certainly be a memorable experience to cherish for lifetime. When you head back to your room at Hotel Metropole after the tours, make sure to get a spa treatment at the hotel and complete your holiday in the most relaxing way.