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Pebbly Beach

Catalina Island is the perfect getaway destination for visitors owing to its unparalleled beauty and attractions. The island is renowned for its wide beaches, distinctive streets, expressive culture, and an exotic wealth of flora and fauna.

The summer is the perfect time to spend on Catalina Island, as it will enable you to explore and enjoy this island getaway in its entire splendor. In fact, Catalina Island has become the preferred summer vacation destination for families from various parts of the world.

Catalina Island hosts several summer programs specifically intended for visitors arriving here during the summer season. The Casino Point Dive Park, which is the first-ever Municipal Park devoted for scuba diving, is a prime attraction in summer. This is the perfect place to join in the island for visitors keen to learn scuba diving.

Catalina Island is rated as one among the top scuba diving destinations in America. In addition to that, the island is a hotspot for numerous unique marine life and ecosystems makes it a favorite place for researchers.

Besides scuba diving, snorkeling is the other most important option provided to the visitors. The island consists of several shops that rent out snorkeling gear and the various snorkel tour programs available offer you a chance to try out snorkeling by yourself.

Some of the best spots available in Catalina Island for summer snorkeling are the Lovers Cove and Snuba. These locations are a great place for visitors in knowing the distinctive marine life and ecosystems that prevail underwater.

Water based activities are another highly popular sport among the visitors during the summer. The island offers numerous paddle boards and pedal boating adventures that visitors can utilize for exploring the Avalon harbor. Moreover, the island also offers kayaking to the visitors, which is an excellent way to experience the beaches and bays that lies in the place.

Catalina Island also hosts a variety of summer camps solely focused on the kids. These camps assist the children in acquire key skills in water-based sports as well as equip them with self-reliance, character development, and self-esteem. The summer camps in Catalina Island also offer numerous experiences and programs such as environmental stewardship, scouting, YMCA, and marine science.


The duration of the kids’ summer camps ranges from days to weeks. Some of the summer camps operating in Catalina Island this year are Campus by the Sea, Catalina Island Marine Institute, Camp Fox, and Camp Emerald Bay.