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Popular Summer Activities for Children in Catalina Island


Catalina Island is one of the finest holidaying destinations for families. The island is best to visit during the summer, as it is a suitable time to involve in the many sports and other activities. Catalina Island hosts many activities and programs in July and August, which are especially targeted for children. Most of these activities are offered by organizations operating on the Island and are oriented towards different age groups among children.

Children’s activities on Catalina Island are diverse and extend to different kinds of sports as well. These activities are good for learning new skills, developing group communication, and for enhancing the physical and mental well-being of children. Some of these activities are also intended for education such as that offered by the environmental and marine conservation organizations operating in the island, whereas others are focused more on sports and adventure. Below are some of the popular summer activities for children in Catalina Island.

Beach Bingo

Summer beach bingo is one of the most popular kid’s activities organized in Catalina Island. The event is organized every Tuesday and Thursday in the month of July-September and is perfect for families. Beach bingo is organized by the City of Avalon and the venue is the South Beach in Catalina Island. The bingo cards for the event are available at the venue for $1, and the winners are awarded attractive prizes at the end of the day.

Kids Fishing Derby

Kids fishing derby is another popular children’s activity organized at Catalina Island. The fishing derby tests the skills of children in fishing and numerous other skills in the sea. The activity will commence every morning at 07:00 am on the Pleasure Pier. The activity offers young anglers to compete by catching different sizes and types of fish. Note that prior fishing experience is not required for participating in this activity.

Casual Island Fun

Kids can enjoy all sorts of activities in the lavishly laid out beaches in Catalina Island. They are offered the freedom to go swimming and snorkeling. The beaches consist of numerous stores that sell swimwear and other equipment particularly intended for children. Some of the best places for children and families to enjoy the beaches are in Avalon and Two Harbors.


Zip lining is another popular adventure activity available to both children and adults. However, participating in the activity must require children to meet certain age and weight requirements.