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Some of the Benefits of Visiting Catalina

Few things can beat the experience of watching dolphins playing in their own habitat. Did you know the waters around Catalina are swarming with these wonderful creatures? A two-day trip to the island can get you more than a passing glimpse of nature’s most intelligent creatures, although you probably wouldn’t have had enough by the time you leave.

The Avalon Harbor has waters as clear as an aquarium, providing the best opportunities for activities such as snorkelling, diving, paddle boarding, kayaking, parasailing, and sport fishing. Two days would be quite enough to check out Avalon’s main spots, including a pedestrian avenue filled with fish shacks, ice cream shops, stores filled with souvenirs, and special eateries.

One thing about Catalina that you can be sure of is that it will always maintain a light-hearted, playful ambience for whenever you choose to return. This is exactly what many city-dwellers are looking for after the hubbub they are used to.

Getting around the place is also one of the enjoyable experiences you will take back with you – there are few cars, and not enough time to get through the waiting list for vehicle permits, which is why golf carts are the chosen mode of transportation for visitors. The rest of the time, it is just enough to walk along the waterfront strip, side streets, and promenades.

If you are not big on sticking to town, there is the chance to spot a variety of wildlife, many of them indigenous to the area. The island’s well-known bison is found mostly in the interior, and this is the descendent of the 14 animals that were brought over back in 1924. You will find bison iconography all over town, so essentially it is the town mascot.


Touring the Catalina Casino along the waterfront, you won’t see a single gambling hall, because this is a casino in the Italian sense, which means a place of entertainment. Back in the day, it was one of the major attractions, with a theater made especially for “talkies”. The top floor had an enormous ballroom with dance floor, chandelier, and yearlong favorite performances. The theater is still operational, and runs at least one first-run movie a week, and a screening each night. It is owned by the Santa Catalina Island Company, and the Wrigley family.