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Some Ways to Sleep Better in a New Hotel

It is easy enough to figure out the essentials for long travel, and how to cope with jet lag. After you have the travel part down to a comfortable level, there is still the matter of getting good sleep at the hotel you check into. There are a huge number of things to prevent that, one of them being the simple fact that you are not home, or in a familiar setting. Assuming sleep-deprived is not the way you want to spend most of your vacation, here are some tips on how to acclimate to a new place.

Sleeping Better in a Hotel

·   Bring a pillow from home. There is no saying what your hotel room has before you check in, so it makes sense to carry your own pillow. The familiarity will probably help you fall asleep faster, and get good rest.

·        Getting a hotel room on a high floor and away from the elevator is a sensible idea. This keeps you away from street noise, and fewer people would walk past the room at a late hour. That gives plenty of quiet to accommodate comfortable slumber.

·   Bring earplugs. Most savvy travelers swear by this, and whenever possible, they run the fan or air conditioning just for the white noise. This drowns out any distracting sounds and les you sleep like a baby.

·      Download an app that emits white noise. These days all you need for white noise is a smartphone app. Choose a soothing sound that drones on in the background as you fall asleep.

·   Mentally review your day. This meditation technique has picked up users all around. It involves remembering and replaying the day in reverse order, back till the point you got out of bed in the morning. It’s a fool-proof way to put yourself to sleep.

·        Ask for a teakettle. Your room may have a teakettle or a coffee maker. If not, ask for one. Always carry mixes like, spearmint, lemon grass, etc. Just the smell of one of these boiling is usually enough to have you doze off, or you could at least enjoy the aroma and unwind.


·        Bring a binder clip and electrical tape. Some people have trouble falling asleep when there is even a sliver of light entering the room they are in. If you are one of them, attach electrical tape on blinking lights or a bright alarm clock face so you can fall asleep in the dark.