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Take a Break – Visit Catalina Island

Everyone needs a break once in a while; be it from work people, or everyday life in general. If you live in LA and this is one of the things you crave, you need not look any further than 30 miles off the coast, where the island of Catalina is situated in all its oasis-like splendor. Southern Californians know and keep this secret well.

What you catch at first is a craggy inland and the old-fashioned waterfront city of Avalon. Daily trips from Sand Pedro and Long beach bring numerous tourists who wish to get away to a picturesque place, which is exactly what they find there. Avalon offers up plenty of opportunities to explore its streets. Besides your comfy stay at the Metropole Hotel IN Catalina Island, here are some enjoyable things to do while you are there for the weekend.

Explore the scenery

Try out the ocean; go boating, diving, snorkeling, kayaking, or stand up paddle boarding, even dolphin sighting. The clear waters and sandy beaches create a perfect atmosphere for adventuring or relaxation. There are plenty of stores to hit along the Catalina, Summer, Metropole, and Crescent avenues. Navigation stays simple throughout, so with a guide along, there is no question of losing your bearings. The Metropole hotel Catalina Island offers many sightseeing packages, so checking that will be a good option here.

Head out to Crescent Avenue

This is where the majority of the business and bustle is. Stop at Lloyd’s of Avalon, the local candy shop, and get a saltwater taffy to bite during your stroll. You will also want to visit Two’s Company of Avalon, a store that sells stone jewelry and murals.

Snacking is another aspect of your enjoying the street experience. You have plenty of bright and airy restaurants, most with a regional touch of classic style. No need to experiment with dining, if you are not up to it – you will mainly find your favorite American menu items here; you can get all that at the Metropole hotel on Catalina Island.

These are some of the activities you shouldn’t miss out on. This and other stuff would be listed in your itinerary while staying at the Metropole hotel on Catalina Island. Ask at the reception before heading out to see the island, and you will get a pamphlet, including any of the included activities in your package.