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The Catalina Film Festival – What You Need To Know

The Catalina Film Festival, which features exceptional films from all over the globe and other nightly entertainment events, is scheduled to begin on September 28, 2016. The film screening will be held at multiple venues around the Catalina Island and the festival will run through October 2, 2016. Below are a few facts to help you prepare and plan for attending the event.

The Venues

The screening of films will be held at different venues around the island. If you are wondering how to travel from one venue to another, the Catalina Film Festival offers transport services for individuals who have a VIP Pass. The festival transportation will pick you up from one venue and drop at the next site.

In addition to that, plenty of other transport options are also available to the visitors. You could either take the electric bus or hire a cab to head to the next venue. If you wanted to be a bit adventurous, rent a bicycle and ride from one place to another at your own convenience.

The Films

The Catalina Film Festival is one of the most popular film festivals that have always attracted film lovers from all over the world with their exceptional and unique collection of excellent films on different genres. This year too, the Catalina Film Festival will feature some of the best works from artists from all over the world, and it is sure that you are in for an absolute visual treat.

Some of the feature films to be screened at the Catalina Film Festival are Americans, Beneficiary, Custody, Desert, Interior Night, Sheep and Wolves, and Swing State. Lancer Auditorium, Tremont Hall, and the world famous Avalon Casino Theatre, are the major venues where film screening is scheduled during the event.

The Dress Code

Many tourists and visitors from all around the world might wonder what to wear for the event. The weather condition during the month of September at Catalina Island is mild and beautiful, so you can dress up as cozily as you want.


The average temperature reported during day is 65-72 degrees, but the temperature gradually drops down to 50-60 degrees at nights, so you might want to bring clothes that are comfortable and little warmer at night. The “How to Fest” page in the official site of Catalina Film Festival will provide you further details if you are looking for specific attire for the 5 day film festival.