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The Different Trails of Catalina

If you thought that your stay at a Catalina Island hotel like Hotel Metropole would be the high point of your visit to Catalina Island, you were wrong. There are lots of fun and activities to indulge in while you are here!

Hiking the Garden to Sky trail

Starting off at the Wrigley Memorial & Botanic Garden – which itself is a beautiful gardening destination – the Garden to Sky trail offers a beautiful view of the island’s wild lands. The Garden to Sky hike is a comfortable stroll over a slight incline from the Memorial Road to the Divide Road, at the end of which, you are treated with breathtaking views of each side of the island.

The Renton Mine Trail

At the eastern most point on the Trans-Catalina Trail, you have the Renton Mine Trail, which carries on past the Divide Road and towards the Haypress Recreation Area. Here you get to feast your eyes on the panorama over Middle Canyon and Cape Canyon. Onward, hikers come to the Black Jack Campground, and later on Cottonwood Canyon to the Airport in the Sky, which is a good stop for refreshments.

Avalon Fall Festival

Held every year, the Avalon Fall festival gets the community together in celebrations that are hard for tourists not to join into. There are food, games, and music provided by organizations, which also raise contributions towards the local community. Some of the activities you can look forward to are pumpkin patch on the beach, pumpkin carving, hay ride, and the paper bag mask contest. This time of the year, Front Street is the place to hit.


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