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The Five Unknown Beaches of Catalina Island


Lying southwest of Los Angeles, Santa Catalina Island is a picturesque location having small exotic towns, avenues, and beaches. It has been the ideal tourist destination since it was converted into a popular holiday destination in the 1930s.

Catalina Island features some of the most numbers of scenic beaches that are mostly located within short distance of the city’s restaurants and hotels. The beaches have gentler surf and soft sand that makes them ideal for spending quality time in relaxing and recreation. Listed below are five of the unknown beaches of Catalina Island that you should explore.

Button Shell Beach

The Button Shell Beach is a privately owned beach, facing the east of Catalina Island. Also known as Fox Landing, it consists of a youth camp by the California YMCA. Guided Discoveries currently owns Button Shell Beach and provides special activities and programs solely focused on children by Catalina Island Marine Institute, a nonprofit organization. These include rock climbing, sea kayaking, snorkeling, and archery. Button Shell Beach has several amenities such as a youth summer camp, boat anchorage, and boat mooring.

Whites Landing Beach

Located at the White Cove just north of the Avalon City, the Whites Landing is another privately owned beach, and it is the widest sandy beach in Catalina Island. Operating in the harbor is two yacht clubs along with an environmental education non-profit organization known as “The Catalina Experience”. The organization is also involved in running a youth camp at the beach.

Italian Gardens Beach

The Italians Gardens Beach is located on the northeast shore of Catalina Island. It is a boat-in campground and contains three separate beaches that offer camping facilities. Boating and kayaking are the two activities offered at this beach with rentals available at the nearby towns of Avalon or Two Harbors. Camping at the beach requires prior reservation.

Pebbly Beach

Situated on the Pebbly Beach Road, the Pebbly Beach is a city beach that lies beside an industrial area having power generation plants, helicopter airport, and boat ramp. It might not be suitable for sunbathing, but it does offer many other activities such as kayaking, parasailing, snorkeling, and swimming. The amenities at the beach include several restrooms and a boat launch facility.

Moonstone Beach


Located on the northeast side of Catalina Island, the Moonstone Beach consists of two coves, White and Moonstone, which are divided by a rocky pint. It is a privately owned beach operated by Newport Harbor Yacht Club. The key activities offered at this beach are boating along with other amenities such as boat mooring and boat anchorage.