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The New Trans-Catalina Trail Launch


The Catalina Island Conservancy recently announced the launch of their 37.2-mile Trans-Catalina Trail in the island. This is reported to be the most extensive development of Catalina Island’s hiking trail network since 2009. The trail extension is a project under the Trekking Catalina program by the Conservancy, which aims to develop the island as well as preserve its magnificence.

The groundbreaking event held at Patrick’s Reservoir, which is a trailhead in the wildlands, also honored Donald R. Knabe, Fourth District Supervisor of Los Angeles County, for his contributions towards the development of the Island and the Trekking Catalina program. It is reported that Knabe provided the funding for many projects to the Catalina Island Conservancy, including a 1.5 million dollar Proposition A – Los Angeles County Regional Parks and Open Space grant for the Trekking Catalina program.

“I have visited Catalina Island for decades, and I was thrilled to be able to help the Conservancy launch this major expansion of its hiking trails,” said Knabe during the event. “The Conservancy has done an outstanding job of protecting and restoring the Island, while also ensuring the public could experience and explore Catalina—California’s only accessible destination island. With Trekking Catalina, the Conservancy will create a world-class hiking experience on Catalina.”

Catalina Island Conservancy’s president, Tony Budrovich, thanked Knabe for his support towards Trekking Catalina project, and assured that the program would be a considerable development to Catalina Island’s hiking trails. “Supervisor Knabe and his staff have been among the strongest supporters of the Conservancy and Catalina,” he said. “With their help, Trekking Catalina will be a sustainable and environmentally sound way to expand hiking opportunities on the Island and to encourage people to see California beautiful as it once was – wild, open and free of development.”

As the Catalina Island Conservancy is dedicated to provide nature-based activities on the island, Trekking Catalina and the new trail would improve their opportunities massively. The newly developed trails will also merge and upgrade the “social hiking trails” that are created over time by the foot traffic of campers and wildlife of the island.


Apart from that, the project will also install proper restrooms to meet the urge for clean and environment-friendly facilities, which would eventually improve the overall hiking experience. There will be new signage in the trail as well, so that visitor can easily find their way around the island.