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The Top Surfing Spots on Catalina Island


What exactly is it that appeals to the masses about surfing on the clearer side of Catalina Island? Whether it is the remoteness of the place or the natural beauty that draws them, hordes of tourists arrive on the island every year to test themselves on the waves that break on these shores. Some of these spots aren’t easily accessible and would take some clever, persistent boating to get to them.

There are also various coves around the island, plenty to keep an inquisitive mind busy exploring them. These places offer some of the best opportunities for snorkeling, diving, beaching, hiking, and surfing.

Nothing beats surfing when you have the right weather, waves and board, not to mention the energy and inclination to head out into the water. If all of that lines up, Catalina is one of the places on earth where you want that to happen. Let us check out a couple of spots where you can spend quality time riding the waves.

Shark Harbor

This is the most easily accessible spot for surfing, situated next to the Little Harbor campground. It is named after a large rock that sticks out into the water, which looks like, well, the head of a shark. There are bus tours to the place starting from Avalon or Two Harbors, going both ways. Get to Little Harbor campground and pitch a tent, then hike to the next cove with your waxed surfboard in hand. Wade out into the swells and enjoy yourself to the full.

Ben Weston

This ranks second in popularity among the spots people prefer to surf when they are on Catalina for a getaway. It is rarely crowded, the reason being that the location is extremely remote, but it is worth checking out if you are eager to catch some incredible marine scenery. Getting there involves a many-staged trip, involving a bus ride from Little Harbor Campground, at the far leg of which you will need to hike in the direction opposite where the town is.


Make sure to stay on the right side if you get to any forks in the road. Also, stay close to the coast. Along the route, you will eventually come to the bottom of a canyon where you will see a sign pointing out the nature trail to Ben Weston. This runs along the canyon creek. Ben Weston beach is famous for its long board waves.