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The World’s Greatest Ski Race at Catalina Island

The world’s greatest skiing event – The Catalina Ski Race – is scheduled to be held in the island this month. The 66-year-old race attracts water skiers from all around the world, as the quality of the race and the challenges involved in it are quite thrilling.

The 62-mile race starts from Long Beach to Avalon and back, finishing near the Queen Mary port, and has 20 different classes to participate, from novice to expert. Two kinds of boats are available for the race; smaller boats that are 24 feet max, and boats between 24 feet and 43 feet. Smaller boats are allowed to start 7 minutes before the larger ones set sail. Only racing participants are allowed in the boat, and no other boats are allowed within 50 yards.

The Schedule

The event starts at 07:00 am on July 16, with ski team parade, driver’s license drop-off, and U.S. national anthem, scheduled from 07:00 am to 08:30 am. The race will start exactly at 08:53 with the first flight of smaller boats taking off. At 09:00 am, the second flight leaves with all other boats. The winner’s trophy presentation will be at 04:00 pm.

As skiers and viewers will be coming from all across the world for this grand event, hotels will be pre-booked and filled around the date. Last-minute visitors might find it difficult to find a decent place, so you might need to plan early for the event.

Where to Stay

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