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Things to do on Catalina Island


Catalina Island is a favorite holiday destination with plenty of opportunities to enjoy. With scenery and wildlife to explore, as well as rocky layout that predominates its layout, this island is the perfect oasis to visit with family and friends. There are plenty of things to do while you are on Catalina.

Fly in by Helicopter

This is a fun quarter-hour ride, which lets you get away from daily tensions, from work or life in general. Treat yourself to a quick break for the weekend, or a romantic air ride. When you need this, a helicopter is your fastest way to Catalina Island. You can get there in 15 minutes and enjoy a special day away from all that is tiring. Or get a good start to your vacation and stay at Hotel Metropole, one of the finest hotels in Catalina.

There are heliports to be found on Long Beach, or you can get a ride from San Pedro at the Catalina passenger terminal. You can even get this trip thrown in with our Catalina hotel package from Hotel Metropole by clicking here.

Stuff to do there

There is a lot you could be doing on the island. If itinerary of your Catalina hotel package does not include the following, then you are missing out big.


·        The Metropole Marketplace: This is a major part of the Catalina experience. Walk out into French Quarter atmosphere and take in the pleasant feel of cobbled, fountained squares. Hit the boutiques for souvenirs. Plenty of bakeries and espresso bars too, for quick or relaxed snacking. The eateries are nothing short of amazing; no Catalina hotel has the same kind of menu.

·        Spa time: Another thing that resonates with your reason for being on the island, assuming it isn’t business. Find time for a spa treatment at our hotel, and let out some of those frustrations.

·        Ruth Mayer art: An artist with a leaning and penchant for diverse styles, she creates sensational art, which you wouldn’t believe all came from one person’s imagination. Her work displayed here range from Cityscapes to Portraits, Surrealism, Realism, Abstract, Impressionism, Fantasy, Landscapes, Seascapes, and Sports. Her fans are attracted by her refusal to be classified, instead striving to explore freely the experiences and flavors of life.

These are some of the things you could be doing while in Catalina Island. If time is short and there are only so many places to visit, make sure to enjoy the experience before heading out to your part of the world.