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Things to Know About Kayaking

Kayaking is one of the most exciting and healthy water sports out there. Catalina Island offers plenty of opportunities to enjoy yourself through this highly affordable and accessible activity, setting up an unrivalled ambience comprising beautiful marine life and marvelous kelp forests. If you are naturally drawn to water and mindful of physical fitness, few things can compete in the fulfilling experience they provide. Here are some FAQs you might want answered about the activity.

How Much Experience Do You Need?

Most rental shops provide instruction beforehand on how to use the equipment, so you are usually covered there. As for experience, you just need to be able to control your arms and upper body. That along with some prepping will get you set up.

Will You Get Wet Doing It?

Normally, yes; and that will be from the waist down. Dress accordingly so you are not too uncomfortable. Sit-on-top kayaks come with self-draining scupper holes, so you would be sitting in bit of water.

Can You Take Your Phone Or Camera With You?

As appealing as it may be to take selfies and snapshots of your surroundings, there is no guarantee your electronic items won’t get wet. For that reason, it is advisable to leave them behind at the rental store, or rent a separate locker for valuables. Besides, phones and cameras would only get in the way of properly enjoying the sport.

Is It Good To Know Swimming?

It is. Actually, people who don’t swim are generally recommended to sit this one out.

Is There A Weight Limit?

There will be, so check at the rental store based on whether you are taking a single, double, glass bottom, or stand up kayak.

Can You Land The Kayaks?

Experienced kayakers know this is important. Every type of kayak except the glass bottom can be landed somewhere on Catalina, because the beaches here are mostly rocky. Your guide can show you where to beach, or you can ask to be shown the best options on a map.

How Does The Stand Up Kayak Work?


This type of kayak has a stand up paddleboard, but is constructed from durable plastic, which is perfect for landing the thing on a rocky beach. If you are lucky, you can book one of these online before it all sells out.