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Things to Pack While Going Trekking

Many people wonder what they should carry along with themselves when they are going for a three-day backpacking trip. But regardless of the duration and distance, there are some things that you should carry all the time. Listed below are a few of those.

Things to Navigate

They include a pre-planned itinerary, compass, watch, and a waterproof map. Also, don’t forget to leave a copy of your itinerary with your friend; it would be useful in case of any emergencies. You can also carry GPS, but never head on without a map or compass, because we cannot rely on satellite accuracy everywhere.

Sun Protection

To protect yourself from sun, always carry sunglasses, sun tan lotion, and lip care products. It is also advisable to wear a long sleeve shirt, hats, and long pants to avoid sunburn.

Sleep and Resting Clothes

To change at the end of the day, pack an extra piece of nightclothes, so that you would feel fresh and comfortable while sleeping. If you are hit with rain while trekking, you can always change into these clothes, and leave your trekking clothes for drying. You can wear them the next morning while you carry on with the rest of the journey.

First Aid Kit

You are going to be miles away from a doctor while trekking, so it is recommended that you pack Band-Aids, a stomach antibiotic, aspirin, anti flu powder, etc.

Walking Stick

This is highly recommended on most treks, especially for downhill section. If you forget to carry a walking stick, then you can cut out a clean branch from a tree. It has nothing to do with age, so do not miss out on this.


It keeps your hands free and lights the way. You may be staying in places where there would be no electricity or light. Especially, if you are going to camp overnight.

Purified Water


You will need to hydrate a lot when on the treks. So carry a bottle of water or two. You can carry some sterilization drops or tablets if you want. It does not affect the taste of the water it purifies.