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Three Booming Tech Trends In The Hotel Industry

Hotels in Catalina Island constantly adapt to include more in their offerings, one of the reasons being the ongoing change in tech trends. there was a time when patrons would have been blown away by the offer of color TV and AC in their room, but now these days customers are insistent about getting a more personalized experience.

One of the perks customers expect is seamless technology features to compensate for being away from home. Technology offerings are a key factor in people’s choice of hotel. Here is what hotels offer in that arena.

Free Wi-Fi

An increasing number of Catalina Island hotels have adopted the tack of offering free Wi-Fi to guests. This is one of the key things in getting guests to pick a hotel. A global survey reveals that free Wi-Fi comes number one among in-room amenities, and is also third among the hotel property amenities that guests consider important.

It makes sense considering that almost half the guests travel with two or more devices, and expect the same level of connectivity they are accustomed to at home or the office.

Provision To Check Rates And Book On A Mobile Device

Many hotels in Catalina Island have a website, which has information on amenities and locations, catering to the needs of customers beyond simply displaying a phone number to call. People can now check at the hotel website for availability of rooms matching their travel dates, and if the rates are reasonable.

They can bypass the call to the front desk and reserve accommodations online, often as speedily as clicking a “Book Reservations” button right on the landing page. Frequent travelers appreciate the convenience of being able to do this on the go, and so do first time tourist to the area.

In-Room Touch Screen Controls

These days, almost every action you need to perform in your hotel room can be done with a tablet tap. This lets guests control their environment using a single device, a feature that appeals to consumers who look for personalization.

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