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Tours To Try When You Are On Catalina Island

Plenty of fun awaits tourists from LA and places farther away when they choose to visit the beautiful island of Santa Catalina. With tons of activities to satisfy any age group, this island is a veritable haven for people in search of the perfect getaway.

If it is a simple walk you are in the mood for, there is no better place to do it than Avalon. The island has miles of back roads and trails besides, each with its own set of views that make you envy full-time residents on the island. But hiking is best done on the designated trails, and you need to go as a group of three or more to pull the maximum enjoyment out of the experience. Here are some tours that offer you an even more enjoyable time after leaving Hotel Metropole, one of the finest hotels Catalina Island has to offer.

Nighttime Hummer Tour

The excitement and adventure of heading out into the wild from one of the hotels in Catalina can only be rivaled by the enjoyment you can derive in a bio-fuel Hummer foray. This nighttime trip comprises an enjoyable drive that starts at the center of Avalon and takes you out along the coastline and into the surrounding hills. The view of the town from here is one of the most cherished memories tourists carry back when they leave the island.

The 70-minute tour includes Wishbone Loop, where there is a view to die for. Another satisfying aspect of the nighttime Hummer tour is that a tenth of the proceeds go towards supporting the Catalina Island Conservancy, the main organization dedicated to preserving the natural beauty of the island.

The Skyline Drive Tour

For fans of guided, narration-filled tours in the daytime, Catalina has the Skyline Drive Tour, which takes tourists on a scenic drive 10 miles into the protected wilderness, in a 1950’s Flexible Bus. The trip opens up wonderful views of canyons, coves, and of course, the ocean. This is your best chance of spotting some of the wildlife in their natural setting, including Catalina’s famous buffalo.

Off-Road Adventure To Cape Canyon


To get the best feel of the rugged “outback”, hop in one of the eco friendly H1 Hummers and head to Cape Canyon, catching views of Catalina’s Bison on the way as you move through Sheep Chute. From there you will be heading through Middle Ranch Canyon and exploring Cape Canyon in the interior of the island. Here you can see the American Bald Eagle in its habitat. Further along the trail, you will reach the Airport-in-the-Sky, 1600 feet above sea level and filled with the best views the island has to offer. Grab lunch at the DC-3 Café before heading back to your hotel.