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Why Golf Carts Are Awesome For Getting Around In Avalon

Catalina Island gets millions of visitors each year, thanks to the incredible experiences it offers them the moment they step on the Island. Everyone wants their fill of sightseeing and dining, both of which Catalina Island delivers ample opportunities for.

Then there is the other thing – transportation. The town of Avalon may be diminutive per mainland standards, but there is a lot of beauty to be enjoyed, and that is not possible without moving around.

That is what people get the golf carts for, or smart cars. These are perfect options for the short commutes while you admire the artistic culture that permeates the place. The normal golf cart arguably doesn’t work to enhance that effect, but the shuttle carts sure do. Either way, it is not just about moving around in style, but enjoying an experience that so sharply contrasts with the rigors of a demanding workweek.

As a tourist here, you don’t just notice other people smiling, but also yourself doing the same. The place itself is a trove of places to explore, so the luxury of riding in a cart just sweetens it all up.

Many vacationers on Catalina Island opt for a taxi ride or a shuttle van. But neither goes everywhere you want it to, although kids would generally love walking about. Nevertheless, there is nothing to equal the style and comfort of arriving at the hotel in a cart and stepping straight into a lobby.

Afterwards, you still have one of these carts to drive around in. It is an integral part of the Avalon experience, driving these around the town and drawing looks from locals and tourists alike. Plus, you get the chance to learn the lay of the place so future getaways would be even more pleasant.

Next time you head out this way, assuming you have never taken a ride in one of these groovy carts, do that. If you have already, it is probably already on the list of things planned for your next trip to Catalina Island.


All the fun you have from activities aside, the comfort of transportation is usually a huge part in making your vacation a memorable one. It is not just the transportation either; so book a suite at Hotel Metropole for a luxurious, all-inclusive stay.