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Why you Should Visit Catalina Island during Off-Season

One of the simplest and most efficient ways to learn more about Catalina Island is to visit it during the months of November to March. The off-season experience offered by Catalina Island is unique, peaceful, and incredibly adventurous. Below is a short take on the magnificent experience you could have in Catalina Island during the off-season.


If you were looking to make the most of your vacation, relaxing and enjoying nature, then Catalina Island would undoubtedly be the best choice for you. You could spend time by spotting the bald eagles, gray whales, and many other creatures, and make your relaxing vacation a lot more adventurous. The natural wonders of Catalina Island will obviously be more appealing, when there is a lot less crowd.


If you are in need for a motivation to finish a novel you have been working on or if you are looking for a calm place to complete a project, then the calmness and tranquility offered by Catalina Island will certainly encourage you to finish the task proficiently. Talking a walk through the island will help you to stay relaxed, focused, and calm.


The events hosted at Catalina Island have always been intriguing and it offers tons of entertainment to the visitors. Catalina Island will be hosting plenty of exciting events during the off-season, especially during Christmas and New Years. Make sure to attend these events to add a bit of partying to your quality time in the island.

Peace and Romance

Winter on Catalina Island makes the atmosphere more elegant, which allows you to instantly feel calm and relaxed. This will help you to forget about your worries, free you off the stress, and let you enjoy your vacation even more. If you are planning to rekindle and reconnect with your partner, then the romantic atmosphere offered by this island is going to be an absolute treat for you.

Best of Winter

Another incredible thing about having an off-season vacation in Catalina Island is that Hotel Metropole offers an amazing package in winter to help you make the most of your holidays. The “Best of Winter” package includes stay in a luxurious deluxe room, roundtrip boat tickets on the Catalina Express, and a delicious continental breakfast. What’s more, you also get a special discount on A Touch of Heaven Day Spa at the hotel. Get in touch with the Hotel Metropole reservation desk for more details.