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Why You Should Visit Catalina Island’s New Museum

One of the latest and attractive additions of Catalina Island is its Ada Blanche Wrigley Schreiner Building, which houses the Catalina Island Museum. The exceptional building has been one of the favorite spots for vintage movie lovers, history buffs, and baseball fans from all around the globe.

The admission tickets are available to the adults at a price of $7.50. The museum offers military personals and seniors a discount and they are only charged $5. Catalina Island Museum does not charge any price for kids, and free admission is granted to all visitors on the National Museum Day.

An elegant new home was constructed at the 217 Metropole St. for the Catalina Island Museum, which was earlier located at the Casino building of Avalon. The museum now occupies an expanded floor space of 11,000 square feet, and the galleries of this museum contain abundant number of art and special exhibits.

In addition to that, visitors could also catch a glimpse of few collections from the old museums, which include archival documents, pottery, thousands of year’s old Native American artifacts, and vintage photographs in the Catalina Island Museum. Tourists from different parts of the world can learn a lot more about the history of Catalina Island from the museum.

The walls of the museum also display some of the familiar faces from the Golden era of Hollywood such as Charlie Chaplin, John Wayne, Marilyn Monroe, Natalie Wood, Ronald Reagan, and Beatle George Harrison.

All of these celebrities were once a part of Catalina Island’s rich and incredible history. Many of them worked, lived and played their famous characters in Catalina Island, at a time when Hollywood movies were just regarded as a latest trend by American people.

Many famous celebrities such as Katy Perry and Taylor Swift still visit the Catalina Island. In fact, Catalina Island Museum helps you to know about the beautiful relation between island and Hollywood.


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