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Your Golden Ticket to Catalina Island’s Tuna Club

Every year, the Catalina Island Museum joins hands with the Tuna Club of Avalon for a day and keeps the club open to the public for the entire day. This is done to make the public aware of the rich history and tradition of the most private fishing club in Catalina. This year, the club will be opened to the public on August 13, Saturday, and you will have a golden chance to visit the famous fishing club in all its glory.

The Tuna Club of Avalon is a nationally registered historic landmark in Catalina Island and is one of the oldest fishing clubs in the world. Public access to the historic clubhouse that was built in 1898 is restricted, but the doors to the clubhouse are opened to the public once every year. This is done for the benefit of the Catalina Island Museum, which is the birthplace of sports fishing in Catalina.

The Catalina Island Museum was recently moved to a new location and is open to the public now. The museum exhibits thousands of artifacts, trophies, and photographs that show the history of big-game fishing. Catalina Island Museum also houses the first recorded rod and reel catches of marlin, tuna, and broadbill swordfish.

“Thousands of visitors and island residents pass by the clubhouse every day curious to know more about it,” said the Catalina Island Museum’s Executive Director, Dr. Michael De Marsche. “We are excited to be able to offer this exclusive opportunity to our members and the community of Avalon. The preservation of island history is an important link between the museum and the Tuna Club, and we are honored to partner with them.”

The greatest legacy of the Tuna club comes from the founder Dr. Charles Frederick Holder. He was a pioneer in ocean conservation and is known for initiating regulations to govern big game fishing and angling. The members of the club stick to the rules and regulations strictly, and the club is committed to ethical angling and preserving the great tradition of sports fishing.

The fishing club has an illustrious history that includes many celebrity anglers like British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, actors Charlie Chaplin, Stan Laurel, and Bing Crosby, as well as former United States Presidents, Roosevelt, and Hoover.

This is your golden ticket to explore the place this summer; note that only sixty tickets will be offered to the public. The ticket price is thirty dollars for museum members and thirty-five dollars for others. All the proceedings directly go for the benefits of the Catalina Island Museum.