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Catalina Island Museum to Host the 30th Annual Silent Film Benefit

The Catalina Island Museum offers an authentic and enjoyable 1920s cinematic experience in their historic Avalon Casino Theater once every year. This year, the Silent Film Benefit of the Catalina Island Museum will feature the first film adaptation of J.M. Barrie’s famous play, Peter Pan. The officials from the Museum have confirmed that Michael Mortilla will play an original score with The Accompanists for the 30th Silent Film Benefit that will be hosted on Saturday, May 20, 2017.

A major attraction of the event would be that Tony Award nominee and Olympic gymnast, Cathy Rigby, who played the role of Peter Pan on Broadway for more than 5 years, will make a special guest appearance at the Benefit. In addition to that, the officials from the museum announced that she would also do the honor of introducing the classic film to viewers.

The 1924 classic film, Peter Pan, tells the tale of a magical boy who refuses to grow up ever. The boy flies into a Darling Children’s second-story nursery room. He then befriends the kids and teaches them how to fly. He soon takes the kids to Never Never Land, which is fantasyland full of pirates, mermaids, and adventure. The story takes a thrilled turn when a pirate starts to plot revenge against Peter Pan and puts all the kids in danger.

One of the 1924 reviews of the film written in the New York Times stated, “It is not a movie, but a pictorial masterpiece.” Tourists and residents who are attending the event will also be able to enjoy a wonderful live musical concert. The original score that Michael Mortilla is going to perform was specifically written for the event and reports say that the same will also be performed at the Avalon Casino Theatre.


The 7-piece ensemble will be comprised of some of the leading musicians from the nation who have performed with Dixie Chick, Beyoncé, Tony Bennett, and Michael Jackson. Try not to miss the unique opportunity to watch “one of the greatest children’s movies of all time” at the historic Avalon Casino Theatre if you are visiting Catalina Island in May. The 30th Annual Catalina Island Museum Silent Film Benefit will also demonstrate the mission of the museum to bring film, music, art, and history to the Avalon community and to the Catalina Island visitors.