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Catalina Island Events

In the center of Avalon, Hotel Metropole is the place to stay. Plan ahead for Catalina's upcoming events and let your vacation begin as you relax and unwind.

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00:00 being here in Catalina stay at the Hotel
00:01 Metropole and just your thoughts on this
00:03 environment well of course I love
00:05 Catalina I think it's very charming the
00:08 one of the things I really like so much
00:10 about Los Angeles about California about
00:13 Catalina is that it's very charming we
00:16 haven't lost the charm of one story in
00:18 two-story buildings we haven't lost the
00:20 charm of paddle boating and kayaking
00:23 we're an outdoor community we we are
00:26 like protecting our environment we
00:28 believe in Mother Nature we really
00:31 believe in keeping the good things good
00:33 we are still very invested in very
00:37 involved in protecting our planet and
00:38 I'm proud of California for that and
00:41 Catalina is a fine example of those good
00:43 things that California represents what
00:46 hotel did you see him pole Metropole
00:48 yeah it's fantastic is it it's great
00:51 it's great and because we wanted to be
00:53 right yeah I got little kids so we love
00:55 to let them run around in town I wanted
00:57 to be right in the middle of it all and
00:58 I love the history of it across the
01:00 street and it was beautiful
01:02 accommodations we had a great time
01:12 you

Catalina Island Film Festival

Celebrities visit the island for the annual Catalina Film Festival as they enjoy the surrounding beauty and the stunning accommodations at Hotel Metropole.

Ben Harper Live Concert

Ben Harper performs "Walk Away" in an exclusive concert on Catalina Island

Air Show

View aerobatic aircraft performances and celebrate the history of aviation on Catalina by Hotel Metropole

Pepper Concert on Catalina

Pepper performs a concert on the beaches of Catalina Island, just a stroll from Hotel Metropole.

Catalina Island Skate Classic

A weekend long island skate invasion featuring a 1.2 mile, invitation-only downhill race event.