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Enjoy a Relaxing Vacation at Catalina Island

Catalina Island is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful tourist spots in the world. This amazing island offers a great experience for tourists from all over the world.

Catalina Island’s Hotel Metropole is the best place to stay while you are visiting the Island. Hotel Metropole offers plenty of exciting packages to you at an affordable rate. The packages offered by us not only include boat fare and accommodation charges, but you can also choose several others activities with the same like kayaking, hiking, golfing, go pro adventures, and many more.

The calm and friendly atmosphere offered at Hotel Metropole will make you feel like a native! Below are a few ways to relax while you are at Catalina Island.


As Hotel Metropole is located right in the heart of the Island, yet close to the beautiful Catalina Island shore, you get an elegant and great view of the sea and the Island from your room. You just have to book a room, relax, look out, and enjoy the natural beauty of this amazing Island. However, you might have to book your rooms in advance to get the best deal.

Take a Stroll

There are plenty of elegant and calm spots to walk around Catalina Island. If you were feeling tired after a day of sightseeing, then take a stroll through the rugged terrains or along the South Californian waterfronts in the evening. The waterfronts are even more ideal, if you were looking for a romantic stroll with your partner.

Disconnect and Reconnect

The internet and Wi-Fi services offered at Hotel Metropole are very reliable and easily available. However, if you are looking to stay away from your works and other worries, and enjoy your vacation to the fullest, then disconnect your Wi-Fi and connect with your friends and family instead.

Spa and Massage

The spa and massage services offered at Hotel Metropole are exceptional; it will not only help you relax better, but will also lift your spirits impeccably. Numerous packages are offered here too, including couples ultimate romance, ultimate relaxation, Swedish or deep tissue, sweet Thai, children’s massage, and raindrop therapy. Furthermore, the massage services are available at low rates. Get in touch with Hotel Metropole reservation desk for more details.



Catalina Island is perfect for shopping too. You can see a lot of art galleries, boutique shops, and many other unique shops, which offers a wide variety of items and incredible products. So, spare a bit of your time and visit a few of these shops to take some memories back to your home.