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Getting To Catalina, And Good Eating Options


No matter how many times you have been to Catalina, it always stays on your list of getaway options. When visiting, Avalon is the place you will likely end up. Although just a few blocks long, it is thick with cottages, restaurants, bars, fry shacks, and bike rental stands. So we gathered a list of what to do and where to go while you’re on the island.

How To Get to Catalina Island

Most people take one of high-speed boats from Catalina Express, leaving from San Pedro, Long Beach, and Dana Point. Two-way tickets cost $75 for an adult, and if you are lucky, you can get in the Commodore’s Lounge for another $15.

This is especially useful if you hate standing in a line to board; you will also get to sit in a private indoor area, plus a free beverage. Then again, if you are not watching expenses too closely, there is always the helicopter ride, which promises breathtaking views.

Where To Stay

Hotel Metropole, one of the best Catalina Island hotels, is right there on the main street, with a public beach close by. The Rooms are luxurious, to say the least, with all the amenities you will want if you decide to spend the day in. But Catalina is all about the outdoors – there are many places to be hanging out at leisure.

Food And Drinks

There is an extensive range of happy-hour options on the island, whether at the beachside joints or late-night spots. You can love any type of food and still have a wonderful palatal experience when you are on Catalina Island.

Descanso Beach Club

A public beach, restaurant and beachside bar which is also the only public beach where they serve alcohol, Descano serves quality wraps, quinoa salads and burgers. After 5 pm is the best time if you are not fond of an overcrowded beach, and it has also when you get half-price drinks.

Pete’s Cafe

A mall outdoor shack nestled in a parking lot, Pete’s Cafe is famous for serving food late, which here is 11 pm. The patty melts are good enough, can they also serve carne asada fries and hot dogs.

The Lobster Trap

Everyone loves lobster rolls, which is understood to be the same thing pretty much anywhere: tasty lobster salad on a big wheat roll. It is the main attraction at the Lobster Trap, which also serves seafood pasta, clam chowder, and oysters. The Lobster roll is the perfect meal to take away when you take the ferry to the mainland.