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New Additions of Catalina Island Might Lure in More Tourists

Santa Catalina Island is the perfect holiday destination for you if you were planning to make the most of your summer vacation. The calm and elegant Catalina Island serves as an affordable and quick escape from the busy urban life, and treats you will an excellent lineup of adventurous and fun summer activities and events.

Catalina Island is located 22 miles off the coast of California and it pulls in approximately one million visitors every year. The residents of the island claim that there is a lot more to do on this place than ever before with the unveiling of the expanded Catalina Island Museum last year. Islanders also state that the opening of the Catalina Aerial Adventure and Descanso Drop Tower of Santa Catalina Island Company will lure in more tourists to the island.

A special Dale Chihuly blown glass sculpture exhibition is currently running at the expanded Catalina Island Museum, which is now situated at 217 Metropole Ave. The Catalina Island Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Bureau President & CEO Jim Luttjohann said that this exhibition has already attracted thousands of tourists to the island. The exhibition will end by December so it might draw in more art lovers to Catalina Island in the upcoming months.

Luttjohann said, “Since the museum reopened last year, this is its first major national exhibition, and it’s really impressive with sculptures on display indoors and outdoors.”

The Director of Marketing and Communications for the Santa Catalina Island Company, Kristin Metcalfe, hinted that the new aerial adventure of Catalina (the Drop Tower) is expected to become operational in a month or two. “It’s a way to channel your inner Tarzan,” Metcalfe said. “You can go out there and test your mental and physical strength in navigating courses through the Eucalyptus trees.”

She also added that the Drop Tower would feature a controlled freefall jump from 30 feet and 60 feet high platforms. Metcalfe said tourists could select the adventure “depending on how brave and daring you want to be.”


Luttjohann said, “Catalina is a special place that is unique and different to Southern California. We really have it all here from all that the city of Avalon has to offer, to buffalo roaming the island interior, to the beach. You can get so much in one trip.” He also added that Google Trekker images (expected to go live shortly) would offer a preview of the island interior.