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Places To Check Out On Catalina Island


The Island of Catalina is one of the most popular vacation getaways for tourists to visit. Located 26 km off the coast of Los Angeles, it has some decent hangouts and historic landmarks to be explored. Meanwhile, you could be staying at Hotel Metropole, which is one of the finest CatalinaIsland hotels.

Heading out from one of the Catalina Island hotels, you will be in the vicinity of many landmarks situated in the town of Avalon. The first of these to check out is the Catalina Casino. Don’t let the latter part of the name mislead you. This is the Italian version of the word, which means ‘place of entertainment’.

This is an Art Deco structure that measures up to 12 stories in height. Painted white, Catalina Casino is a pretty sight when the sun is up, while at night, few things match the romantic appeal of the sight it offers from the harbor.

The Tuna Club

Hotel Metropole is one of those Catalina Island hotels, which urges tourists not to miss out on their full experience of the island; which means there are some places you really should visit, such as the Tuna Club. The place was started in 1898 and is one of the oldest fishing clubs in the country.

Formed with the objective of boosting the standards of sports fishing, it also concerns itself with protecting game fish in Southern California. The club is located at the end of Avalon Bay, and is one of the documented locations in the National Registry of Historical Places.

Catalina Country Club & Golf Course

A spot well known for being where William Wrigley Jr. brought his baseball team for training every spring, this includes a baseball field which was built to match the dimension of Chicago’s Wrigley Field. The club has a built-in clubhouse which has the team’s lockers and is one of the social settings for players.

The old baseball site now remains only as a memorial plaque, but the clubhouse is still going strong and open to the public. It has as a restaurant and bar every tourist should visit to check out Cubs mementos.

Chimes Tower

Made out as a gift to the town from Ada Elizabeth Wrigley, this tower stands as a major attraction in the Island since 1925. It tolls every quarter hour from 8 in the morning to 8 in the evening.

Visit these locations and top off your experience with a comfortable stay at Hotel Metropole, the finest of all Catalina Island hotels.