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Popular Camping Destinations in Catalina Island

Located off the coast of Southern California, Catalina Island is a perfect destination for holidaying. The distinctive culture of the island, as well as the rich biodiversity, will surely delight any visitor looking for the perfect recreation destination. The presence of numerous Catalina Island hotels will provide any visitor with their required accommodation facilities for staying on the island and exploring its topography and culture.

The island is home to numerous activities such as kayaking, snorkeling, scuba diving, and many others. Camping is one such popular and highly enjoyable activity to do while visiting Catalina Island. The island offers several types of camping programs for visitors. Below are some of the popular destinations to explore on the island.

Hermit Gulch Campground

The Hermit Gulch Campground is a popular camping destination to head to during your visit to Catalina Island. Located near to the Avalon town, this campground is known for its proximity to the major boat landing of the island with a distance of only 1.5 miles. You can take a walk to the Botanical Garden and Wrigley Memorial from here, both being prominent attractions to visit on the island.

The campground has several hiking trails nearby and visitors can rent the camping and tent accessories on the site. Some of the facilities offered at Hermit Gulch Campground include barbeque stands, coin-operated shower baths, and picnic tables.

Two Harbors Campground

Located about a quarter-mile away from the Two Harbors village, the campground is a perfect destination for camping enthusiasts. It consists of 42 campsites and individual tent cabins that are situated near the ocean. Equipped in the campsite are all the necessary equipment such as showers, lockers, picnic tables, and fire pits. There are also many places to rent camping and other equipment for visitors if required.

Primitive Campsites

Catalina Island has numerous primitive campsites located at various spots. These campsites are mainly preferred for visitors seeking more adventure in camping. Entrance to such sites requires suitable water transport such as a private boat or kayak, and camping on these primitive sites requires making reservations well in advance. Note that these campsites do not contain many of the facilities found in other prominent campgrounds. Water and sanitation facilities are not available on some of these campgrounds and using fire is not allowed either.