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Special Events At Catalina Island In March


Catalina Island is hosting a variety of programs this summer. Although the island hosts one or the other forms of events throughout the year, the months of February, March, and April seem to host the most number of events, participated by hundreds of guests from around the world. Here is a snapshot of some of the upcoming events going to be held at Catalina this month.

Catalina Film Society

A special event is being held on March 9 by the Catalina film society. It is a wonderful event for the film enthusiasts to discuss both the released and upcoming films. In fact, this is a program being held every month. Only members of the Catalina film society are allowed to participate in the event. Non-members can attend the program by paying a donation of $10.

St. Patrick’s Karaoke Party

The annually conducted St. Patrick’s Karaoke Party is held this year on 17th of March. It is a special event that celebrates and commemorates the luck of the Irish Diaspora. The event is held at El Galleon. The programs will start from noon on 17th (Thursday) and will go on through midnight. The guests will be offered happy hour drink specials, live Karaoke with all time Irish classic songs, wonderful selection of Irish lunch. During the four-day event, drinks, lunch and dinner will be served.

Catalina Island Conservancy Marathon/10K/5K/Kids Run

The conservancy marathon is both an exciting and historic marathon held in Catalina Island Conservancy’s land. This year’s marathon is conducted on 19th of March. The land chosen for the marathon includes spectacular vistas and rugged terrain. Volunteers are welcomed to take part in the marathon.

Community Easter Egg Hunt

This year’s Easter falls this month and Catalina is organizing a special Community Easter Egg Hunt to celebrate it. The program is held on 26th of March, and kicks off at 9:00 am.

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