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Spend Time On Catalina


Catalina Island is a popular trip and vacation destination among the group of islands lying off the coast of southern California. It is filled with tourists for most of the year, mainly because it offers a refuge from the bustle of urban Californian life. With comfortably mild and dry weather, it poses the perfect place to visit if you are looking to unwind.

Catalina mainly has the city of Avalon and the village of Two Harbors, neither of which are large. Avalon is where you find the hotels. Here, you can stay at Hotel Metropole, which is one of the finest Catalina hotels. You can sign up for our Paradise Boat package, witan h included stay and boat fare.

Two harbors, meanwhile, is a small village with about 300 residents, and more of a boaters destination. The west end of the Island has campgrounds, restaurants, diving rentals, a general store, etc.


Your trip isn’t complete without visiting the major landmarks on Catalina. Take the Casino, for instance. This is has been a tourist attraction since its construction by William Wrigley Jr. in 1929, when it was the tallest building in Los Angeles County. It has a ballroom and movie theater for entertainment, but no gambling facilities despite the name. You can have your tour package include a visit to this place, especially if you stay at Hotel Metropole; which is why it is one of the finest Catalina hotels

Snorkeling and Scuba Diving

Catalina hotels such as Metropole Hotel can put together an itinerary when you head out for fun and activities. One of the obvious entries on that list is snorkeling. There are several sites for this; one of them is right beside the casino building. Here, the construction allows you to simply take the steps down into the water. This is the northward dive-site, free from heavy waves for the majority of the year. You can rent tanks and weights at the spot, and get air refills.

Another great spot for snorkeling is Lover’s Cove, which is south of the ferry terminal. You also have guided underwater walking tours, which let anyone experience the beauty of the waters.


There are also the Semi-Submarines to visit, something that all Catalina hotels recommend. Get your fill of underwater life at 5 feet under sea level, any time of day or night. On land, you can head out to see the Bison, which inhabit the interior parts of the Island.