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The 21st Conservancy Ball Hosted By Catalina Island Conservancy

Catalina Island Conservancy hosted their 21st Conservancy Ball. The spectacular Casino ballroom was used for the 21st Conservancy Ball with the theme “Imagine Catalina”. A circular floor with an incredibly vast 180 feet diameter underneath a 50 foot tall cantilevered ceiling made the ballroom the largest circular dance floor in the world.

The prime goal of Imagine Catalina is to protect the ecological habitat of the island and to enhance its beauty and elegance for the pleasure of upcoming generations. Hank Hilty, Catalina Island Conservancy board member and development committee chair, said that, “Imagine Catalina builds on the successful work of the conservancy’s past four decades and imagines how this vitally important organization can evolve and advance its expertise, experience and resources to serve not only this beautiful Island, but a greater good that goes beyond its shores.”

The Conservancy’s Board of Directors and staff identified the needs to manage the 42,000 acres of wild lands, which covers approximately 88 percent of the island. This forced them to initiate the Imagine Catalina program as a long-term plan, which would ensure that the ecological health of the island will remain undisturbed and will be efficiently secured for future generations.

Ann Muscat, President and CEO of the Conservancy said, “This is one of the most ambitious undertakings in our 41-year history. The well-being of the Conservancy and, by extension Catalina Island, is strengthened by having a well thought-through and clearly articulated strategic vision and plan. We have sought the input of many and intend to proceed thoughtfully as we enhance the programs and facilities that will allow the Conservancy to successfully implement its mission in the decades to come.”


The board members and Conservancy staff had to closely review the past and present of the island, and imagine a sustainable future that would meet the requirements of the Conservancy. Architect and author, William McDonough said, “There are few places where the conservation die was cast so clearly as on Catalina Island, where nearly 90 percent of the Island is stewarded in perpetuity by the Catalina Island Conservancy. When we were asked to assist the Conservancy with a strategic vision plan, we were deeply honored by the opportunity.”