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The Best Way To Pack

One thing that hasn’t changed since the dawn of time is the importance of packing smart when travelling. These days especially, shorter flights and airport restrictions mean smart packing is the best thing to steer you clear of hassles – at least those that arise from your luggage.

1.     Use foresight: It is easy enough to imagine the kind of weather you will have at the destination. Choose the right clothes for that, based on your comfort criteria. Everyone has those.

2.     Pack light: Few things beat the convenience of 3 sets of clothes which dry quickly. You can wash and dry these overnight. Pick clothing you can wear in different combos, because you will be wearing each more than once during the course of the trip.

3.     Carry garments you can wear anywhere, and let you mix in with the local crowds.

4.     Easy-care will look and feel good when you travel, so pick something that looks new at the end of long, tiring day. This makes it easier to discard choices. If something wrinkles easily when you wear it at home, you cannot expect any better from it when travelling.

5.     Get comfortable shoes: If your feet hurt, you are not going to have a good time for long. Pack two pairs, and wear one.

6.     Choose a suitable bag: Something that holds its shape is more convenient in airplane terminals, while squishy bags are easier to stick in the trunk.

7.     Be sure of the number of bags the airline allows per traveler. Stick to that and the weight bar they have mentioned on the ticket, and you can avoid confusion and expenses.

8.     Pack in a way that at once fits the most amount of thing in your bag, and gives good visibility when it is being screened at security. Pack less to speed up the check.

9.     Don’t pack bags you can’t carry; never mind if they have wheels. Those wouldn’t work so well on rough terrain or stairs. Also, two light bags are always better than a single big one, because they are easier to balance.

10. Always use a lock: If that makes you look paranoid, it is still keeping your things safe when you are travelling. At some airports, the security may require the bags to be unlocked, but carry a lock with you anyway.


These are some of the things to remember about packing for travel. Together, they make up a strategy called smart packing, which is popular among frequent travelers.